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Auto & RV, Wheels & Deals - Individuals
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Auto & RV, Wheels & Deals - Dealers
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Michiana House & Home, SpectraPrint,
Senior Life, Lake Life, The Mail-Journal, the PAPER, Shopping Guide News
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The Municipalext. 2505Chris Smith
Glo Magazine, Home Indoor Outdoor Living
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Auto & RV Publications
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Senior Life, Michiana House & Home, Glo, Home Indoor Outdoor Living, the PAPER, Shopping Guide News, Auto & RV

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The Mail-Journal ext. 2335 Elaine Pearson


The Mail-Journal 
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Michiana House & Home
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Senior Life ElKo, Shopping Guide News
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Home Indoor Outdoor Livingext. 2491Amber Bouthot
Glo Magazine ext. 2491 Amber Bouthot
Indianapolis Senior Life & Allen Editions, the PAPER Elkhart County Edition
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Senior Life Northwest & St. Joseph Editions, the PAPER Kosciusko County Edition
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The Municipal
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Ink Free News
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Plant Manager ext. 2340 Todd Clark
Account Executive
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Account Executive
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Estimating/Quotingext. 2396Julie Close


General Manager ext. 2316 Ron Baumgartner
Business Manager
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