Publications Manager 
Kip Schumm
(800) 733-4111 ext. 2328

Deb Patterson, Editor in Chief
Phoebe Muthart, Associate Editor, Kosciusko County
Tim Ashley, Associate Editor, Kosciusko County
Lauren Zeugner, Associate Editor, Elkhart County 

Milford Office
(800) 733-4111
(574) 658-4111 

Warsaw Office
(574) 269-2932
Office Manager
Carl Lauster

Syracuse Office
(574) 457-3666
Office Manager
Susan Stump

Goshen Office
(574) 534-2591
Office Manager
Pati Slabaugh 
Mark Collins



the PAPER is delivered free of charge to homes or at convenient newsstands. If you would like to have it delivered to your home within our market area, please call:

Jerry Long
Distribution Manager
(800) 733-4111 ext. 2336

If you would like to have it delivered to your home outside of our area, there is a $.50 per week handling fee and additional postage fee which fluctuates depending on the size of the edition that week. Typically, our customers will call our subscription department, mail a check for $20 and then replenish it periodically. To subscribe, call:

Elaine Pearson
Subscription Department Manager
(800) 733-4111 ext. 2335