Publications Manager 
Kip Schumm
(800) 733-4111 ext. 2328

Deb Patterson, Editor in Chief
Phoebe Muthart, Associate Editor, Kosciusko County
Tim Ashley, Associate Editor, Kosciusko County
Lauren Zeugner, Associate Editor, Elkhart County 

Milford Office
(800) 733-4111
(574) 658-4111 

Warsaw Office
(574) 269-2932
Office Manager
Carl Lauster

Syracuse Office
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Office Manager
Susan Stump

Goshen Office
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Office Manager
Pati Slabaugh 
Mark Collins


Advertising Overview

the PAPER is a free community newspaper
Both editions of the PAPER have a combined circulation of over 51,000. The concept of these reader-friendly publications is total saturation coverage—street by street and house by house—in much of this four-county area. the PAPER has captured 1st- and 2nd-place honors numerous times in the "General Excellence" category in national competitions among free distribution weekly papers.

Service is our Specialty
Let our art department assist you with your advertising. We can help you design attractive display advertising and inserts to exciting colorful tabloids designed to suit your individual business. We can also help with layouts and ideas to make your advertising more effective. We have a library of illustration services to help you add quality and results to your advertising at no additional charge. Combining our experience and available resources with yours makes a winning professional team.

Advertising Deadlines

Classified Advertising Copy (Elkhart County Edition) 4:00 PM Friday
Classified Advertising Copy (Kosciusko County Edition) 11:00 AM Monday
Display Advertising Copy (both editions) 4:00 PM Friday

Mechanical Requirements

Columns per page 5
Column width in picas 11
Column width in inches 1-13/16
Points between columns 12
Page make up width in inches 9-13/16
Page make up depth in inches 16
Printing Process Offset
Material Preferred Camera-Ready

Columns 1 2 3 4 5
Inches 1-13/16 3-13/16 5-13/16 7-13/16 9-13/16

See our Ad Preparation Guide for more information