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Advertising Overview

The Mail-Journal is a weekly subscription newspaper serving the greater Wawasee School Corporation including the communities of Milford, Syracuse and North Webster. The Mail-Journal has received a host of local, state and national awards, ranging from Crime Stoppers and Hoosier State Press Association honors to the prestigious American Legion Auxiliary's choice for the National Golden Press Award for "America's Best Local Editorial."

Service is our Specialty
Let our art department assist you with your advertising. We can help you design attractive display advertising and inserts to exciting colorful tabloids designed to suit your individual business. We can also help with layouts and ideas to make your advertising more effective. We have a library of illustration services to help add quality and results to your advertising at no additional charge. Combining our experience and available resources with yours makes a winning professional team.

Advertising Deadlines

Legal Advertising Copy 5:00 PM Monday
Classified Advertising Copy 11:00 AM Tuesday
Display Advertising Copy 11:00 AM Tuesday

Mechanical Requirements

Columns per page 6
Column width in picas 11
Column width in inches 1-13/16"
Points between columns 12
Page make up width in inches 11-13/16"
Page make up depth in inches 21 1/2"
Printing Process Offset
Material Preferred Camera-Ready

Columns 1 2 3 4 5 6
Inches 1-13/16" 3-13/16" 5-13/16" 7-13/16" 9-13/16" 11-13/16"

See our Ad Preparation Guide for more information

Terms & Conditions

Display advertisements set up but cancelled prior to first insertion will be charged at one-third (1/3) the cost of the ad. The cancellation deadline is the same as the advertising deadline because much of our cost is involved in the production of the ad itself.

Credit Policy
New accounts and political advertising, cash in advance. Credit extended to accounts only with reliable references. Statements must be paid within 15 days of closing dates on statement. A service charge of 1-1/2% per month will be applied to unpaid balances of 60 days or more, representing an annual percentage rate of 18%. A $20.00 NSF fee will be charged on all returned checks.

National Rate
Approved agency discounts (15% + 2% maximum) allowed on open rate only. Other rates are net. Signature Changes Between Editions...$10.00

Advertising Position
Position is not guaranteed, although we will make every effort to meet requests. When an advertisement appears on a certain page or location, no guarantee is given that such a position will continue for additional insertions. The advertiser will not be notified prior to publication if we find it necessary to run ad elsewhere.

We can compose your ad or you may submit it electronically. Read our Ad Preparation Guide here. The Mail-Journal is digitally composed on Macintosh computers. Submit .pdf files and ASCII (generic text) via email or on CD/DVD.  Graphics for ads can be e-mailed as PDF files to If you have any questions, give us a call and we'll walk you through it.

Tear Sheets
All of our publications are now available on our website in page form.  Simply pull up the appropriate publication, locate the page containing your ad and print it out in your office at your convenience.  Proof of publication along with the entire publication is at your fingertips.

Excessive Changes in Proofs
In setting advertising, the copy and style of layout will be followed as near to specifications as possible. Proof is submitted for typographical corrections only and no proof is subject to author's changes of copy, layout or items unless advertiser is willing to assume the extra composition charges.

Conditions Governing Advertising
Advertiser and/or advertising agent assumes all liability for advertisement published (including illustrations, text, claims, etc.) and agrees to assume any and all responsibility for claims occurring therefrom against The Papers Incorporated. The Papers Incorporated reserves the right to refuse or cancel any advertising that is considered offensive, misleading or detrimental to the public, the newspaper or another advertiser and to edit advertising at its discretion.

Errors in Advertising
The Papers Incorporated shall not be liable for failure to print or publish, in whole or part, an advertisement accepted by the publisher or our representative, and shall be under no liability for errors or omissions to advertisers or the general public except to credit advertiser for proportionate space in which error occurs or to re-run the advertisement in the next issue at the option of the publisher. The Papers Incorporated will furnish a letter to be posted stating correction when requested by the advertiser.