Publications Manager 
Vicky Howell
(800) 733-4111 ext. 2362

Account Executives
Rebecca Boone, ext. 2437
Cell: (260) 503-5013

Kelly Detrick, ext. 2451
Cell: (
260) 740-9316

 Executive Editor

Sue Rawlinson, ext. 2491


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Find helpful information on home decor and design plus features on gardening, lawns and landscaping presented in a colorful and engaging manner in a free monthly publication serving Fort Wayne metro area and surrounding counties.

Home Indoor Outdoor Living is a free magazine serving the Fort Wayne metro area and surrounding counties.

This description is intended to serve as a guide in your advertising and marketing decision-making. Contact your account executive to confirm your rate category, or call Vicky Howell in the Advertising Department at (800) 733-4111, ext. 2362.